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The best makeup artists are those that accentuate your natural beauty, helping it shine through. While many artists purport to be experts in their field, finding a qualified makeup artist that can work with your skin can be tricky. Luckily, many of our Allura A-List Professionals have superior skills in the art of the brush and can give you gorgeous results with little fuss. If you’re looking for a great makeup artist, we invite you to browse our full selection of qualified professionals below.

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Each makeup artist has their own special flair and unique style when it comes to application technique. Allura is home to a variety of different artists, each ready to help you discover your unique look. Once you’ve found your perfect match, be sure to ask your artist about promotional deals and referrals. The best part of exploring new styles with Allura is having so many A-List Professionals operating all under one roof! Once you’ve found your makeup artist, look around and you just might find your next hairdresser, aesthetician, and manicurist as well.

Makeup Artists in Boynton Beach, FL

The Allura community houses everyone from makeup artists to massage therapists. If you want to find a specialist that can highlight your beauty, visiting an Allura salon suite is the perfect start. To help make the process more convenient for you, all of our A-List Professionals are equipped with an Allura Salon Suites App to give you exclusive access to promotional deals and make electronic payments super easy.

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“Allura salons are so stylish! When I arrived at the Boynton Beach center, I was blown away by how gorgeous everything was.”

– Allura Beauty Professional Client

Own Your SuiteSpace, Start Your Business

Are you a makeup artist interested in starting your own business? Allura SuiteSpaces are designed to help you get started! Our suites come fully furnished and feature a range of perks to make your business run smoothly from day one. To schedule an in-person tour of Allura, fill out the form below or give us a call at (561) 501-0599 today!

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