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Unlike traditional shaving, waxing can give you longer-lasting results with less irritation. Though troublesome to do at home, waxing services from a professional can be fast, effective, and easy. If you’re looking for an A-List Professional to handle your waxing and hair care needs, look no further than Allura. Allura is home to a wide variety of individual salons that will cater to your needs. 

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Laser Hair Removal and Waxing, All in One Place

At Allura, our A-List Professionals tend to be multitalented. Our beauty salon suites house many dedicated experts, each eager to help meet your beauty needs. In addition to waxing, you may also discover laser hair removal specialists during your visit. Additionally, if you’re ever in need of a manicure, massage, or full makeup makeover, you might just find a professional on-site who can help you. As a community, our A-List Professionals happily offer referrals, making the process of finding exactly what you need all the easier.

Professional Waxing Services in Boynton Beach, FL

Don’t let waxing become a chore! Many of our salons happily provide waxing services to make the process easy for you. A simple search can help you find a match that will last a lifetime. Once you’ve connected with your Beauty Pro, be sure to ask them about any special deals or coupons they may be offering.

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“I’ve been looking all over for someone to help me look my best. Finally, I found Allura and got in touch with a salon – they gave me a great deal and took care of everything.”

– Allura Beauty Professional Client

Own Your SuiteSpace, Start Your Business

If you’re a waxing service provider or another beauty expert, why not own your own suite? Our SuiteSpaces are made to hold everything you need to start and run your own business. Why wait? Schedule an in-person tour of Allura to explore our available spaces today. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (561) 501-0599 to get started.

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