The A-List Community

A Diverse Community of Professionals

Allura is a hub of creativity and passion. Our community is made of industry professionals dedicated to their artistry. We house hairstylists, makeup artists, wellness experts, and other beauty pros. Each A-List Professional is free to do their own thing but also supported by a group of like-minded individuals. At Allura, we encourage cooperation and even offer shared suite concepts to help our Pros establish collaborative businesses.

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Referrals Among A-List Pros

The clientele that our A-List Professionals attract remains loyal due to the convenience of having so many professionals in one place. We encourage referrals among our A-List Professionals to keep clients coming back. Running a hair salon in your SuiteSpace? Don’t be surprised when a regular from the MedSpa next door comes in for a balayage. With Allura, you’re not in it alone. Make some friends and experience the wonders a thriving creative community can do for your business.

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“I’m thrilled to have found Allura. It feels awesome to be surrounded by other makeup artists. I’ve learned so much just by making friends and sharing ideas!”

– Allura A-List Testimonial

Become Part of Our Community

Interested in joining in on the fun? Our vibrant community is eager to welcome you. Become an A-List Professional today and let us guide you on the path toward success. Schedule an in-person tour by filling out the form below or calling (561) 501-0599.


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